Welcome to my blog!

I plan to use this page as a repository for a sort of running commentary about music. Specifically, I need a place to publish my endless guitar explorations, so this page will be a forum for my YouTube videos and links to tablature of original lesson content as I develop it.

Currently I have more than 24 journals (over 1500 pages!) of personal guitar studies spanning more than 20 years, some of which I have self-published in the form of three PDF books (all available for free download on my website), and all of which I have used with my students in private lessons at one time or another. I’m hoping that this blog will allow me to make smaller tutorials available on a more regular basis as I work on my next book or two.

As part of my teaching credentials, I am currently in the process of pursuing my Suzuki Association certification. I recently passed my audition; you can view the video here:

Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned!